The top value for money cars to buy in 2018

What makes a car value for money?

There are a lot of really awesome cars on the market today. Their sleek lines, power and gadgets are enough to seduce any car enthusiasts. Some cars, although you would give anything to own, are just not that practical or affordable for everyday use or the average person on the street.

Most people will go for a car that has the looks, a bit of power, comfort and most of all will stand the test of time so that they will get some good mileage from the vehicle.  Then there is the safety, road handling and ease of use.

Top value for money cars for 2018

2018 Kia Soul

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The Kia Soul comes in as one of the best small cars you can get for your money.

The vehicles contemporary design and unusual colors make it stand out from the crowd.  It’s cost of ownership and starting price make it hard to beat in the cost department as well.

This small car has a rather roomy interior and all the modern gadgets that one expects to find in a car in this century.

2018 Audi A3

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Cost: $31 950
If you are looking for an affordable mid-sized luxury car then this is it.  Not only does Audi perform as you would expect from an Audi, but it has all the trimmings and luxury you would expect from Audi as well.

The starting price of the A3 is lower than that of some cars in the same class that are not marked as luxury vehicles.

If it is good value for money you are looking for with a bit of luxury and class this is certainly the car for you.  A bonus is that these cars service plans and cost of ownership of five years comes in below that of many of the other lesser models in the same size.