Temperature Controlled Shipping

Some packages must be shipped with the most extreme of care. Medical shipments like tissue samples or organs for transplant can be extremely delicate and require the utmost care when they are being delivered to the hospital they will be used at. Making sure you have correctly handled temperature-controlled shipping is essential to making sure the shipment arrives with everything in perfect condition to be ready for its use, be it a transplant for a patient who is looking for a new lease on life, or a test done to confirm a rare medical diagnosis, you need to know everything is going to work out right.

FedEx has a substantial list of temperature controlled shipping options that will be able to fit your every need. From their cold shipping packs that will keep the contents of your package at a sustained temperature between 2°C and 8°C. For materials like biological materials, medicines, and clinical samples that need to be deep frozen for preservation you can trust in their deep freeze shipping plan to keep these materials at exactly -195°C for up to 10 days. You can also trust their thermal blanket solutions and their freezable protection service to keep your shipments in the proper state needed so the delivery will be a successful one.

Micro Q is a company that specializes in containers that will allow you to set an exact temperature for your shipment and be able to maintain that temperature for the whole trip. These devices come with state of the art technology that allows them to handle any challenge you throw at them. They have many different containers that can hold all the various sizes of test tubes used for clinical tests. Being able to transport these test tubes at precisely the proper temperature is required to make sure the tests being done with them will get the correct results. They also have a series of containers that can hold varying amounts of liters of liquid, from 1.5 liters to all the way up to 20.5 liters. All of these devices are capable of being used for cold chain (2° to 8°C) cool chain (9° to 19° C) Controlled Room Temperature (20° to 30° C) or warm chain (31° to 45° C) They also have a whole line of products for veterinarians who need temperature controlled shipping.

If you’re in the food industry and you need your produce shipped at the proper temperature to make sure everything is kept as fresh as possible for as long as possible you should look into CH Robinson. This is a company that works tirelessly to maintain a proper cold shipment of goods from farm to store to make sure the product has as long a shelf life as possible. Spoiled food is lost money, and CH Robinson is in the business of saving you money by doing everything they can to prevent spoilage. The Robinson Fresh subdivision of the company is all about connecting all the different parts of the food supply chain into one seamless operation.